CEREC 3D - digital 3D scan of teeth without dental impression

No dental impression - no gag reflex * 3D in real colours * Only one session required * metal-free * No stress for the tooth substance

You can watch how your prosthesis is made

Ceramic - biological-matches the colour of your teeth-aesthetical

Highly precise computer-controlled trepan

Ceramic finishing by short firing process

Connection of CEREC 3D scan to 3D X-ray technology

Higher planning reliability


Computer-milled ceramic prosthesis in only one session

Your advantages:

  • Almost 30 years of permanent successful development
  • More than 28 million of applied restorations world-wide
  • More than 250 scientific studies on clinical safety
  • Proved long-term stability of 95 percent
  • Pure ceramic – the most biocompatible material
  • No more dental impression – no more gag reflex
  • No transitional prostheses, as only one appointment is required
  • Highly aesthetical ceramic prostheses matching the colour of your teeth
  • Highest fitting accuracy thanks to the precise computer-controlled milling process
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